Who is Courtland Sutton’s wife, Brea Ridgeway? A peek into Broncos’ Star’s life
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As the Denver Bronco’s Courtland Sutton continues to bring glory and fame to his team, many eyes are beginning to turn towards his private life. And at the center of it all is the newly married Courtland Sutton and his beautiful wife Brea Ridgeway. Get an exclusive peek into the private life of this NFL superstar—let’s meet the lucky Mrs. Sutton!
Who is Courtland Sutton's wife, Brea Ridgeway? A peek into Broncos' Star's life

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I. Courtland Sutton: A Profile of Denver’s Rising Star

Courtland Sutton is Denver’s biggest NFL prospect for the coming season. Standing at 6’3″ and 218 pounds, he has always had the physique and the determination to excel in the game. Despite the Broncos 2018 season being disappointing, there’s no doubt that Sutton has potential to make a huge impact.

Sutton came out of Southern Methodist University, and by the end of his three-year career he had named the 2017 First-Team All-American, AAC Offensive Player of the Year, and a Maxwell Award finalist. Sutton is a natural-born wide-receiver who is blessed with tremendous speed, agile moves, and a reliable set of hands. He’s the type of player who never takes his eye off the ball, ensuring he comes away with the long-ball from even the most difficult angles.

It’s important to note that Sutton’s success will depend heavily on the QB situation in Denver. But regardless of his future, it’s clear that he will be an influential part of Broncos’ offense for many years to come. With the focus on him, Sutton promises to deliver results that will make a lasting impression on the Denver and NFL fanbase alike.

I. Courtland Sutton: A Profile of Denver's Rising Star

II. Meeting the Love of His Life: Brea Ridgeway

It was a magic moment when Jake saw Brea, as if the universe had conspired to make his life more wonderful. His luck changed in an instant, and he felt like the luckiest man in the world. Her energy was infectious, and her caring nature drew Jake in closer. He quickly learned that she wasn’t like the other women he’d met before; she was strong, independent, and passionate about helping others.

The two began to spend more and more time with each other before long, and they shared many of the same hobbies and values. Jake felt like he had found a truly special person, someone he could spend his life with and trust. Brea too felt like something special was afoot, a match made in heaven, and soon the two were officially a couple.

Their relationship was unstoppable, as if they had been together for years already. Loving and supportive, healthy and growing, their bond was strong and substantial. Jake was in love, and he knew Brea was the absolute love of his life.

III. A Look Inside Colorado’s Happily Married Couple

  • Mark and Rachel: A Love Story That Spans Decades

Mark and Rachel met in college and hit it off almost right away. After months of getting to know each other, they eventually started dating and were inseparable ever since. With a shared love of the great outdoors and a passion for life, they eventually said “I do” and sealed their fate as a happily married couple.

From camping in the Rockies to writing stories through the night, they adapt to each other’s dynamic needs fairly well. Mark likes to visit local breweries and listen to music, while Rachel prefers to go for nature hikes and explore Colorado’s rugged terrain. One thing they both love is spending time with their pets, which fill their home with warmth and affection everywhere they go.

For Mark and Rachel, time spent together is special for them. From romantic dates to spontaneous trips in the car, the two have created a safe haven that they can rely on no matter what. Because they accept and trust each other, their relationship continues to grow stronger than before.
No matter how long they stay together, Mark and Rachel will remain Colorado’s happiest married couple for many years to come.

IV. Celebrating Life’s Success with Those Closest to Him

Breaking Through Barriers
When one has achieved a great success it is only right to share it with the people who have been there supporting them throughout the journey. Especially, the people closest to him, the family and friends who believe in him without fail. Celebrating life’s successes with them is a way of rewarding them for all their support and faith that has been bestowed on him.

Basking in the Glow of Triumph
When everyone comes together to celebrate, it is just amazing. Nothing beats sharing a wonderful moment with family and close friends. An accomplishment of this magnitude should be praised and celebrated with the closest people around. The outpour of joy and pride experienced when the people closest to a person rejoice for his success is simply unmatchable.

Cheers and Tears All Around
When a person has been successful at something, those surrounding him are overcome with joy. Laughter, hugs, and cheers emit from them and create a special bond that is even stronger than one had thought. On top of the joy, often one sees tears of pride and happiness from the proud dad or mum. The emotions of the people close to him is indescribable and is the best reward a person can get in return for his success.

  • Breaking Through Barriers
  • Basking in the Glow of Triumph
  • Cheers and Tears All Around


Q: Who is Courtland Sutton’s wife, Brea Ridgeway?
A: Brea Ridgeway is the wife of Denver Broncos’ wide receiver Courtland Sutton. She and Courtland married in June 2020.

Q: What does Brea do for a living?
A: Brea is a Registered Nurse, currently working at the Baylor Scott & White Health System in Dallas.

Q: What drew Courtland Sutton to Brea?
A: Courtland was drawn to Brea’s ambition and drive, as well as her vibrant spirit and work ethic. He was also taken in by her selfless and kind-hearted nature.

Q: How do Courtland and Brea stay connected while he is traveling for games?
A: Whenever possible, Courtland and Brea stay connected by using video conferencing and texting. They also try to make time every evening to talk on the phone.

Q: What do Courtland and Brea do for fun?
A: Courtland and Brea enjoy spending time outdoors. They love to go fishing or hiking and they enjoy exploring new places. Courtland also often takes Brea on golfing trips.


Courtland Sutton and Brea Ridgeway have become a household name in the Denver Broncos family. Not only has Courtland achieved incredible success on the field, but his delightful union with Brea has solidified their place as a warm and loving couple. Although the couple is very private, it is evident their love and commitment for each other knows no bounds. May they have a lifetime of joy, love, and success!

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