Who is Skip Holtz? USFL HC hired as special assistant to aid Northwestern coaching staff
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He’s a former USFL head coach, and now he’s back to help support a rising program in the Big 10. Skip Holtz, a seasoned veteran with 30 years of coaching experience, has been hired by Northwestern University’s football team as a special assistant to help the coaching staff further develop the Wildcat program. Holtz’s long and successful career in the world of college football has positioned him as a mentor and guide for Northwestern’s continually expanding football family.
Who is Skip Holtz? USFL HC hired as special assistant to aid Northwestern coaching staff

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1. Skip Holtz Joins Northwestern Coaching Staff

Northwestern football is shaking up its coaching staff with the addition of Skip Holtz. Previously, Holtz was the head coach at Louisiana Tech and East Carolina, and now he’ll join offensive coordinator Mike Bajakian as part of the Wildcats’ team. Here are his credentials and the impact his inclusion could have on the program:

  • Coaching History: Holtz has had extensive experience on the sidelines, accumulating a 137-115 career record as head coach at UConn, East Carolina and Louisiana Tech. He was declared Conference USA Coach of the Year in 2008 and 2013 for his successful runs at East Carolina.

Holtz is no stranger to the Big Ten either. In 2014, his Louisiana Tech Bulldogs defeated Illinois 35-18. His familiarity with the talent pool and temperament of the conference is sure to prove invaluable to the Wildcats’ program.

  • Not Just a Coach: The addition of Holtz isn’t just an above-average addition to Coach Fitzgerald’s staff. His resume is full of accolades and his track record speaks to his success. His mantra of “building relationships one person at a time” is one of the primary reasons why Northwestern decided to bring him on board.

The 47-year old has a history of developing young players into successful pros. In a statement, Coach Fitzgerald said: “We are thrilled to welcome Skip to our staff. His experience and passion for the game of football will be invaluable to our program.”

1. Skip Holtz Joins Northwestern Coaching Staff

2. Experienced Coach Comes to Wildcats’ Sidelines

The Wildcats are thrilled to announce the arrival of their new coach! Texas native, Jaylene Brown, is a well-known and highly experienced coach for college basketball. She has been coaching for over 10 years and brings with her a wealth of knowledge and success that has followed her in all of her endeavors.

Jaylene Brown is no stranger to excellence, having won three Conference Championships during her tenure. Her coaching philosophy is centered around pushing her players to reach their full potential and she prides herself on developing strong, well-rounded players through hard work and dedication on the court and beyond.

With the addition of Jaylene Brown to the Wildcats’ coaching staff, they have a bright future ahead of them. She is a leader who emphasizes the importance of teamwork, dedication, and discipline both on and off the court and is a great example for the players under her tutelage.

The following changes have been implemented by Coach Brown:

  • Greater emphasis placed on defensive strategies and tactics.
  • Incorporating more off-court development activities, such as classroom instruction, leadership training and character-building activities.
  • Utilizing proven and successful offensive and defensive strategies.

The Wildcats are optimistic about the future and look forward to a successful season ahead. Coach Brown’s wealth of knowledge and experience are sure to give the Wildcats the competitive advantage they need. Welcome to the Wildcats, Coach Brown!

3. Get to Know USFL Head Coach Skip Holtz

Skip Holtz: A Coach for the Ages

An insightful and impressive leader remembered for his unmatched accomplishments, USFL head coach Skip Holtz is no stranger to success. Reaching the hallways of fame across college football, Holtz serves as a beacon of inspiration and motivation to every fan and sports enthusiast. Here, let’s get to know him a little better:

  • A Masterful Strategist – Holtz graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in Finance and is currently the head coach of USFL’s premier team. He strategically guides his squad with unprecedented energy, focus, and wisdom. His innovative strategies have been proven to work time and again, earning him talented rosters for almost every season.
  • A Leader on and off the Field – With a rare combination of charisma, dedication, and know-how, Holtz is a proven leader both on and off the field. He’s the recipient of several awards and accolades, proving that he knows how to lead a team to success.
  • A Mentor to Many – Holtz is as much a mentor as he is a leader. He’s been known to personally mentor coaches and players alike, leading them with his knowledge and guidance to achieve their fullest potential. He’s also an honorable member of several prestigious coaching boards, advocating for the fair treatment of sportsmen and women in college sports.

Skip Holtz is indeed a true champion. Through his leadership, visibility, and dedication, he continues to inspire and motivate many to strive for success. His passion and commitment for college football have earned him great respect and admiration in the USFL community, and we can all look up to him for his amazing achievements.

4. Reinforcing the Coaching Staff: Northwestern Turns to Holtz

Northwestern University’s athletic department might be known for its academic success, but die-hard Wildcat faithful can now add “elite coaching” to their list of bragging points. Head Coach Pat Fitzgerald recently announced he’d be bringing in notable coaching veteran, Lou Holtz, to help bolster the team’s existing staff.

When it comes to college football pedigree, few turn heads more than Lou Holtz. An icon in the college football ranks, Holtz has seen it all. From a 27-year career in which he guided programs to 10 conference championships, an NCAA National Title, and a 12-0 season, it’s impossible to question his ability to elevate a program.

It’s no surprise, then, that expectations have been heaped on Holtz’s shoulders from the get-go. And Wildcat faithful hope he can do for Northwestern what he did for the likes of Arkansas, Notre Dame, and South Carolina. He’ll be tasked with building a lasting foundation and helping to create a winning culture.


Q:Who is Skip Holtz?
A:Skip Holtz is a USFL head coach recently hired as a special assistant to aid the Northwestern coaching staff.

Q:What will his primary role be in the Northwestern coaching staff?
A:Holtz will primarily provide insight and advice for Northwestern’s offensive game plan. He will also assist the team’s special teams coaches in scouting and preparing them for upcoming opponents.

Q:What does Skip Holtz bring to the Northwestern coaching staff?
A:Holtz brings decades of experience and knowledge to the Northwestern coaching staff. He has a strong reputation as a strategist and has spent time with a number of franchises in both the NFL and USFL. With his help, Northwestern should be well-prepared for future opponents.

Q:What type of success has Skip Holtz had in the past?
A:Skip Holtz has had a successful career in USFL and NFL. He has compiled a winning record over his coaching career and was part of the Tampa Bucaneers team that made it to Super Bowl XXXVII.


Skip Holtz is a pioneer in the football world, and his appointments with the USFL and Northwestern University are a testament to his wide-ranging experience and know-how. With Skip’s help, Northwestern’s coaching staff looks poised to amp up their teams to the next level, and as their special assistant, he may just be the guiding force behind many of their future successes.

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