Who Tops EA’s Top 10 Running Backs List for Madden NFL 24?
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When talking about football, players rush the field with the intention to score a touchdown. But that can’t be done without the hard work of the men running the ball: running backs. The ultimate success of any team usually depends greatly on the play of its running backs. With Madden NFL 24 just around the corner, who are the top 10 running backs to dominate the leaderboards this time around? Let’s take a closer look at EA’s top 10 running backs as we gear up for Madden NFL 24.
Who Tops EA’s Top 10 Running Backs List for Madden NFL 24?


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1. Breaking Down EA’s Top 10 Running Backs for Madden NFL 24

Madden NFL 24 is just around the corner, and one of the aspects of the game fans are most hyped for is the players. Let’s take a look at the top 10 running backs who will dominate the new season.

Christian McCaffrey (Carolina Panthers): Though McCaffrey’s overall score for the Madden series has only increased by one point over the course of the past year, his superior abilities remain unchanged. He has a 95 in Awareness and an 88 in Speed, making him one of the fastest and quickest players on the field. Additionally, his Agility Score is 92 and his Elusiveness Score is 92.

Ezekiel Elliott (Dallas Cowboys): Elliott highlights the top 10 list with a 96 Overall. He has the highest Trucking Score (94), the second-highest Acceleration Score (95), and the joint-third highest Speed Score (92). He can juke, spin, and stiff arm almost anyone in the league. Plus, his Agility Score is 91 and his Elusiveness Score is 90.

Derrick Henry (Tennessee Titans): Henry is every Madden player’s dream with a 98 in Trucking and a 97 in Speed, giving him the highest speeds on the list. He also has a 94 in Acceleration, a 93 in Elusiveness, and a good 90 in Agility. His Carrying Score is 93, allowing him to break through tackles and reach the endzone.

  • Kareem Hunt (Cleveland Browns)
  • Dalvin Cook (Minnesota Vikings)
  • Nick Chubb (Cleveland Browns)
  • Josh Jacobs (Las Vegas Raiders)
  • Le’Veon Bell (New York Jets)
  • Joe Mixon (Cincinnati Bengals)
  • Miles Sanders (Philadelphia Eagles)
  • Aaron Jones (Green Bay Packers)

The list of top 10 running backs in Madden NFL 24 also includes Kareem Hunt, Dalvin Cook, Nick Chubb, Josh Jacobs, Le’Veon Bell, Joe Mixon, Miles Sanders, and Aaron Jones. All of these players have impressive abilities and will make great additions to any Madden Ultimate Team.

1. Breaking Down EA’s Top 10 Running Backs for Madden NFL 24

2. Examining the Standout Performers in the Running Back Pool

Audience: Sports Fans.

The running back pool is a large and varied one this year. Teams had the luxury of selecting from a range of big game breakers who could make a real difference to an offence. Here are a few of the standout players:

  • Tevin Coleman: This young prospect has had an incredible first two seasons in the league. His crisp cuts and lightning speed make him a touchdown machine alongside his ability to make big catches.
  • Le’Veon Bell: His dynamic style of play has made him an offensive powerhouse over the past few years. His ability to pick apart defences, combined with devastating power, make him a true star.
  • Ezekiel Elliott: The Dallas Cowboy’s standout performer has seen his stock rise over the past season. His agility, strength, and pass-catching make him a lethal weapon for any offence.

These big names have ruled the roost in recent years, but they’re not the only outstanding performers out there. Look out for other potential stars rising from the ranks, such as Kenyan Drake, Carlos Hyde and Dion Lewis. Each of these RBs present their own exciting mix of explosiveness, power, and determination which could be a major boost for any team that they join.

The race to sign these players will be fierce. There’s a whole host of running backs with the potential to be real game changers for a team. With so many talented players on offer, the decision of which to sign up will ultimately come down to who ends up with the best value. It’s an exciting time for many teams out there, and the result of this running back extravaganza could play a key role in deciding the eventual fate of many teams.

3. Analyzing the Impressive Stats of the Top 10 NFL Stars

NFL stars put in hard work year after year to maintain their impressive stats in the league and earn their spot among the top athletes. This article takes a closer look at the top ten NFL stars and assesses their stats:

1. What Impressive Stats do they Possess?

  • The list of top 10 NFL stars is normally dominated by quarterbacks, as they are integral to their teams’ success.
  • Most of the top 10 athletes boast impressive passing yards, with the minimum passing yardage sitting at over 4,000!
  • In addition, these NFL stars tend to average over 250 passing attempts during the regular season.

2. Do they dominate other categories too?

  • Not only do these top NFL stars dominate in the passing category, but they often boast impressive quarterback ratings as well.
  • The highest quarterback rating among the top 10 NFL stars was an astonishing 120.2!
  • All of these athletes also had completion percentages of over 62%, while some managed to reach into the mid-70s!

3. Are there any significant trends?

  • The stats show that the top 10 NFL stars in terms of quarterback ratings, completion percentages, and passing yards are standing on top in the league.
  • It is important to note that these athletes often lead teams that are playoff-bound, showing that they are capable of carrying their squads.
  • These statistics demonstrate the hard work and dedication required to be successful in the NFL. It is no surprise that these athletes remain highly sought after each and every season.

4. Ranking EA’s Best of the Best: Who Tops the List?

The Sims has remained popular since it was released in 2000. It is a 3D simulation game that allows players to play out scenarios in life. From building a house to raising virtual pets, The Sims has something for everyone. Players can create a simulated family and make choices that affect their relationships and prosperity. Despite its age, The Sims still tops the list of EA’s best of the best.

The racing game Need for Speed 2 was released in 1997 and is the oldest game on the list. It has had many sequels and continues to be a popular game today. Players can choose to race as a single player or join in with up to 8 other players. Need for Speed 2’s inclusion on EA’s list shows that a great game can live on for years.

Popular sports games have become a staple of the EA catalogue. Football, baseball, hockey, golf, and more recently FIFA have all been hits with gamers. EA’s sports games are always among the best-selling titles and are popular for their realistic gameplay and graphics. Football and FIFA have been the best sellers among the sports games, and both top EA’s top-rated list. Here are the other sports games that made the cut:

  • Madden NFL – initially released in 1988, Madden has come to be the most well-known name in sports video games.
  • NBA Live – a basketball game featuring realistic graphics and smooth gameplay. It was first released in 1994.
  • NHL20 – the newest installment in the popular hockey game series. It was released in 2019.
  • FIFA 19 – the latest version of one of the best-selling soccer games of all time.


Q: Who is the top running back on Madden NFL 24’s list?

A: According to the official EA Sports rankings, Ezekiel Elliott from the Dallas Cowboys is the top running back on the list.

Q: What factors does EA consider to create their rankings?

A: EA uses comprehensive data from the real-life performance and statistics of players to create their rankings. Elements such as speed, burst, agility, acceleration, strength, and stamina are all taken into account.

Q: Who else made the top 10 list?

A: Other notable players who made it to the top 10 list include Saquon Barkley from the New York Giants, Christian McCaffrey from the Carolina Panthers, Derrick Henry from the Tennessee Titans, Alvin Kamara from the New Orleans Saints, Joe Mixon from the Cincinnati Bengals, and Nick Chubb from the Cleveland Browns.


To conclude, the rankings from the top 10 running backs list of Madden NFL 24 provide insight into the most dynamic players in the virtual matchup. With their outstanding combinations of speed and agility, these players not only elevate their team’s stats but make the game an enjoyable one for the player. As the saying goes, the best offense is an unstoppable one – and these top 10 running backs for EA Madden NFL 24 have the potential to make theirs just that.

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