Why did Lamar Jackson turn down Netflix’s ‘Quarterback’ role? Ravens’ $260,000,000 QB sets record straight 
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When it comes to making waves in the NFL, no one has caused more headlines this season than Lamar Jackson. From his record-breaking contract extension to his electrifying play on the field, Jackson is making headlines everywhere. But now, the Baltimore Ravens quarterback has been turning heads for a different reason: apparently he turned down a role offered to him by Netflix. Here, we get the exclusive story on why Lamar Jackson walked away from the popular streaming show “Quarterback” and his record-breaking $260 million deal with the Ravens.
Why did Lamar Jackson turn down Netflix's 'Quarterback' role? Ravens' $260,000,000 QB sets record straight 

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1. Lamar Jackson Rejects Offer to Join Netflix’s ‘Quarterback’

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson recently responded to Netflix’s invitation to appear in an upcoming original series. Titled ‘Quarterback’, the show set to portray life in the NFL from a quarterback’s point of view.

The offer was ultimately declined by the MVP, due to the potential distraction that the series could create amidst his involvement in the upcoming season. To demonstrate his commitment to the team and furthering his growth as a football player, Jackson’s choice was not to undertake the project.

Top 3 reasons Jackson said no to Netflix:

  • The Ravens training camp is set to start July 27, shortly after the filming was proposed to begin.
  • The commitment Jackson demonstrates to the Ravens is immense. He reportedly still plans to coach kids during the off-season.
  • Jackson’s own goals for the upcoming 2020 season.

Jackson is not the only MVP-level quarterback to be approached by Netflix for their series, as Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson have all reportedly received invitations. Also, Russell Wilson has already taken part in a similar project with his “DangerTalk” series.

1. Lamar Jackson Rejects Offer to Join Netflix's 'Quarterback'

2. NFL Record Breaker Rejects Big Money for Larger Goal

Tyreek Hill has smashed and broken numerous NFL records, making him a valuable player. But despite a lucrative offer to join a top-tier team, Hill declined it for a higher goal. He decided against the $40 million deal, claiming that he’s not motivated by money.

Hill’s team reached out to him with a truly impressive offer after he topped the league’s inaugural season with 25 touchdowns in 14 games. He was set to be the highest-paid wide receiver in the game. But even that wasn’t enough for Hill after he experienced the thrill of global recognition.

The NFL record breaker stands as a reminder that human potential is limitless. The former college drop-out has since gone on to become a global icon. His tremendous success clearly came from his undying dedication to achieving a higher goal rather than chasing after wealth. His determination is one for the books.

  • The Kansas City Chiefs Pro-Bowler was offered a $40 million deal
  • Hill opted for global recognition over money
  • Hill’s worldly success proves potential is limitless

3. Jackson Sets Record Straight: Why he turned down $260,000,000 Deal

Over the past few days, Jackson Brown has been in the headlines for turning down a record-breaking $260,000,000 deal that was offered to him. Few knew why he made such a move, and since then, Jackson has been speaking out to set the record straight.

It appears the incredible offer Jackson received was not enough to sway him. To him, money was never the goal—kindness, compassion, and connection were. He believed that if he took on the deal, he would be constrained by the expectations of the company, rather than being free to express himself.

With that in mind, Jackson declined the deal. Here’s what he had to say:

  • I want to be true to myself and to the messages I have been sharing, about finding strength within ourselves and opportunities within our communities.
  • I want to know that I can freely create and connect, without any limitations or conditions based on an outdated framework.
  • Above all, I want to remain focused on the projects and causes that truly bring me joy and make a difference in the world.

Jackson has also noted that he will be continuing to fundraise for his own charitable endeavors, which have become an even bigger part of his life.

4. Baltimore’s MVP Player Now Focused on Making History on the Field

Lamar Jackson has gone from a late first-round draft pick to the most valuable player in the NFL, and his sights are now firmly set on making history in Baltimore. With his incredible arm talent, speed, and ability to read defenses, Jackson has already achieved more than most players could possible dream of, and now he’s looking to dominate in 2021.

For Jackson and the Ravens, this means making history and going all the way to the Super Bowl. His on-field accomplishments in this season have already been compared to the legendary careers of elite athletes such as Tom Brady, Michael Vick, and Russell Wilson. As Jackson continuously amazes his opponents and reaches milestones with each game, all eyes are now on him and Baltimore.

Jackson has already made his mark in the NFL, and he has no intention of slowing down. With his remarkable ability to make plays, he’s sure to add numerous records to his ever-growing list of accomplishments. He always looks to make the most out of whatever the defense gives him, and with the Ravens’ impressive offensive lineup, he’s sure to make history in 2021.


Q: What is the so-called “Quarterback” role that Netflix wanted Lamar Jackson to take?

A: Netflix was looking to cast Lamar Jackson for a biopic of his life story, titled “Quarterback”, exploring the journey of his professional career so far.

Q: How did Lamar Jackson respond to Netflix’s offer?

A: After much consideration, Lamar Jackson respectfully declined Netflix’s offer. He shared his reasons publicly for why he chose this decision.

Q: What reasons did Lamar Jackson cite for his decision?

A: Lamar Jackson explained that due to his record-breaking $260,000,000 contract and the responsibilities that come along with it, he wants to remain focused on being a great leader for his team and upholding the commitment that comes with that.

Q: Is there more to his decision besides the contract commitments?

A: Lamar Jackson went on to express that he feels it is more important to fans of the Ravens to see him on the field, and to be part of their team, rather than for them to see him playing a part in a film project.


Lamar Jackson may have turned down a sought-after role in a popular Netflix venture, but his accomplishments off the field serve as a reminder that he is more than just an NFL QB. From setting records on the field to using his platform to inspire young children, Lamar Jackson is paving the way for a bright future. He is a role model for so many who view him as a leader in the community and beyond, offering a message of hope and perseverance no matter what obstacles stand in the way. Believe it—Lamar Jackson, the record-breaking QB, is here to stay.

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