Why You Should Play a Hunter in Remnant 2
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The next installment of Remnant is out and the world can’t seem to get enough of it. With all sorts of exciting new characters to play, it can be hard to narrow down the choice of who best fits your playing style. If you want your adventures in this post-apocalyptic landscape to be filled with intense hunting and fiercetracking, then a hunter might just be the character for you. Read on to find out just why you should be playing a hunter in Remnant 2.
Why You Should Play a Hunter in Remnant 2

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1. Embrace the Excitement of Tracking Quarry

For hunters eager to track their quarry, embracing the excitement is the key to success. There is an unbeatable thrill in the anticipation and intense concentration of the hunt. The thrill can be felt with every advancement or falling back into the shadows.

Tracking quarry through the twisting jungle paths and level plains triggers all the senses, resulting in a heightened sense of awareness of one’s surroundings. Sight and sound become all the more important, each contributing to the deciphering of the quarry’s movements. As the terrain changes, so too must the hunter.

  • Be Vigilant – Scanning the area, keeping an eye open and anticipating potential bumps in the road will prepare you for any danger.
  • Be Patient – Expecting the unexpected, tracking quarry often requires a great deal of patience. Knowing when to persist and when to break off offer insight and awareness of the situation.
  • Be Ready – Trained and prepared for the chase and the take down, mental and physical agility are key in every hunting situation.

1. Embrace the Excitement of Tracking Quarry

2. Unleash the Power of Ancient Weapons

Ancient weapons were crafted from the strongest materials and imbued with a power that we could barely begin to understand. Though super-modern weapons have taken over in effectiveness, their predecessors still have plenty of secrets and strengths to be unearthed.

The rule-of-thumb with ancient weapons is to use them to their strengths, and to not expect modern performance levels out of them. Consider the old fashioned sword, for example; its perfectly weighted and balanced construction makes it an incomparable tool for precise and accurate strikes with minimal effort. Similarly, a bow crafted from traditional techniques can be used to launch arrows with an unmatchable velocity.

When considering ancient weapons, don’t forget about their beauty as well. The intricate carved designs and carefully chosen materials tell stories of feat and adventure that could never be encapsulated in the cold metal of a modern weapon. Taking the time to understand the historical significance of these weapons can help to emphasise their power and rarity in modern times.

3. Reap the Rewards of Nature’s Bounty

As nature’s bounty is a plentiful resource, reaping its rewards can be a richly rewarding experience. From the standpoint of self-sufficiency, one can delight in the joy of producing their own food without having to rely on other sources. This cuts costs and brings a sense of pride to one’s life. Additionally, one can reap great health and taste benefits from eating naturally grown food. Here are some other ways that one can reap nature’s rewards:

  • Gardening: Gardening can bring great psychological wellness, connection to nature, and satisfaction from producing something both enjoyable and nourishing.
  • Foraging: Foraging can open one up to discovering a wide variety of wild edibles, and offer unique experiences in connecting with nature. It can bring fringe benefits such as being out in nature and the beauty of being around wild plants.
  • Farming: Farming provides direct access to fresh fruits and vegetables, even if it’s on a smaller scale. It can also result in satisfaction of a job well done in providing food for you and/or the community.

The yields of nature’s bounty can be sweet and gratifying – there’s enough to go around. Enjoying the benefits of nature’s rewards can bring a greater sense of accomplishment, connection to the outdoors, physical and mental wellness, and great dishes.

4. Be an Apex Predator in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 puts you right in the heart of the action, as a powerful apex predator. You have access to remarkable weapons, augmentations, and equipment to equip yourself for success.

  • Utilize devastating weaponry to take down enemies quickly and efficiently.
  • Explore powerful augmentations that can vastly improve your abilities.
  • Equip yourself with cutting-edge gear to exploit enemy weaknesses.

With the right mix of offense and defense, you can become a force to be reckoned with. Equip yourself with the best stuff you can get your hands on, and go out there and take down your prey. Enjoy the power of being an apex predator in Remnant 2!


Q: What makes playing a Hunter attractive in Remnant 2?
A: Hunters offer a unique combination of agility and power that makes them ideal for exploring the world of Remnant 2. They move quickly across the landscape and can take on strong enemies with their bow and arrows, or melee weapons like swords or axes. Plus, they have access to special abilities that can help them survive in difficult situations.

Q: What are some of the special abilities that Hunters can take advantage of?
A: Hunters have access to special abilities such as stealth, which gives them the chance to sneak up on enemies and take them out before they can respond. Hunters also have the ability to craft traps for their enemies, turning the battlefield into an advantage. Finally, hunters can use arrows to set up powerful ambushes, allowing them to take out groups of enemies at once.

Q: Is playing a Hunter more difficult than playing a different class in Remnant 2?
A: While playing a hunter can be challenging at times, it is no more difficult than playing any of the other classes. Hunters have unique abilities and strategies that may take a bit of practice to execute, but overall, they are no more difficult in Remnant 2 than any other class.


So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re a novice or a pro, playing a Hunter in Remnant 2 can add a new level of excitement and fun to the game. Who knows—maybe you’ll even become the next great Hunter of the Remnant!

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