“Wish I had a father figure”- Mike Vick shows remorse for getting indulged in dog fighting which spoiled his NFL career
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Reeling with disappointed and regret, Mike Vick, the former NFL star, reflects on the troubles he faced during his career; wishing that he had had a father figure to help him make better life decisions. Known as one of the greatest dual-threat quarterbacks of all time, with outstanding speed and agility, Vick was encouraged by his college coach to pursue a career in the NFL. Instead, his career was short-lived due to his involvement in an illegal dog-fighting ring – leading to his incarceration and removal from the NFL. Now, reminiscing on his life, Vick is shown full of remorse, painfully aware of the mistakes he made during his career.
“Wish I had a father figure”- Mike Vick shows remorse for getting indulged in dog fighting which spoiled his NFL career

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1. Quest for Redemption: Mike Vick’s Struggle for a Father Figure

Mike Vick was a young athlete with a troubled upbringing. He found an unlikely role model in his coach while playing football in college, and his feelings of respect and admiration for this man eventually became overwhelming. To him, the coach was more than just a mentor — he was a father figure.

Tragically, just as Mike was beginning to find stability and security in his newfound relationship with his coach, the coach was diagnosed with a terminal illness. His decline was rapid, and Mike was left struggling to come to terms with the eventual loss of his mentor. This loss would come to define his quest for redemption in the years that followed.

Mike’s experience with his coach left him with a greater appreciation for family and the need to find a true father figure in his own life. As a result, he sought out religious guidance and began to rebuild his life through prayer and self-reflection. Through his tireless efforts at atonement, Mike eventually achieved redemption, both on and off the field.

  • Mike Vick had an unlikely role model and mentor in his football coach
  • This mentor became a father figure in Mike’s life
  • Mike was moved to explore faith and family after his coach passed away

1. Quest for Redemption: Mike Vick's Struggle for a Father Figure

2. A Dogged Dilemma: How Mike Vick Got Involved in Dog Fighting

Once one of the NFL’s brightest stars, Mike Vick’s career took a dark turn in 2007 when his involvement in a dog fighting ring came to light. Although the practice of professional dog fighting was banned in 1907, it has resurfaced in the underground world of animal cruelty. Vick’s involvement stemming from his years in Virginia, where the organization and its related activities were conducted under the alias of the Bad Newz Kennels.

The events that followed as a result of Vick’s involvement were tumultuous and damaging to Vick’s career and reputation. In a 2008 plea bargain, Vick plead guilty to a federal charge of conspiracy for running a dog fighting business and showed responsibility for several other related crimes. He served 23 months in a federal prison and later, in 2013, was appointed the new spokesperson for the Humane Society of the United States.

Vick’s role as the new face for the Humane Society was largely met with controversy. He has since faced the daunting task of repairing his reputation which is further complicated by the fact that dog fighting continues to be a deep-seeded problem in many parts of the US. His personal story is inspiring, though, as it serves to demonstrate the potential for recovery and redemption in extreme cases.

3. Consequences of a Cruel Sport: The Fallout from Mike Vick’s Dog Fighting Involvement

When Michael Vick was confronted with allegations of his involvement in a dog fighting ring in 2007, the football player’s world came crumbling down. In a sport where reputation and performance is everything, his career, personal life, and public image were plunged into destructive chaos.

A sport expertly crafted for maximum entertainment can easily slip into darkness. Vick not only became a pariah to his peers and peers, but he was disassociated from several sponsors. His loss of income was compounded by numerous fines and restitution payments due to the court. Vick even had to declare bankruptcy, and the humiliation was complete.

The stakes of cruelty to animals have proven to be immensely costly. Beyond the commercial consequences, a healthy reminder of animal rights seems to pervade society. Vick’s sad story continues to be a factor to consider in cases like these, and with his example in public consciousness, other athletes or citizens consider the detriments to be gained from their actions.

4. Chasing Redemption: A Newfound Sense of Closure for Mike Vick

Mike Vick always had to grapple with redemption, the question of if his actions that led to his fall from grace would ever be forgiven. Until recently, he found himself chasing answers only to be denied closure.

Thankfully, Vick’s story has taken a different turn in recent months. His newfound spirit of empathy and appreciation for the help he received lit the fuse of a second chance to show the best of himself, and led him to victory. He now proudly looks back on his journey, understanding that redemption is possible with the right perspective and drive.

As a reminder to those finding themselves in a similar spot as Vick, his story conveys these lessons:

  • Reconnect with your passions. Even when dealing with the odds of redemption, continuing to invest in the dreams and goals you once had can provide motivation and a renewed sense of energy.
  • Leverage your experiences. Living life fully gives everyone a unique set of experiences that can allow you to reach success in the most unlikely of places.
  • Turn mistakes into lessons. Even in the darkest hours, the ability to dust yourself off and understand that lessons are found in the mistakes one experiences helps to make redemption a reality.


Q1: Why did Mike Vick get involved in dog fighting?
A1: After suffering a difficult childhood, Mike Vick reportedly got involved in dog fighting out of a misguided sense of loyalty for those he was close to and to make money through gambling and breeding the animals.

Q2: How did dog fighting affect Mike Vick’s NFL career?
A2: When news of Mike Vick’s involvement with a dog fighting ring broke, the quarterback was suspended indefinitely from the NFL and his contract with the Atlanta Falcons was terminated. His reputation and career suffered irreparable damage as a result.

Q3: How has Mike Vick shown remorse for his involvement in dog fighting?
A3: In interviews, Mike Vick has often expressed regret for risking his career, family, and future, but also for getting involved in an activity which contributes to animal cruelty. He has been actively involved in charities that seek to support animal causes and has worked hard to rehabilitate his public image.


Mike Vick’s regret for getting involved in dog-fighting rings is evident. Perhaps his remorse can serve as an example and a warning to others about the dangers of taking part in illegal activities and damaging one’s reputation. Hopefully, Mike Vick can now take solace in the fact that he is alive and striving to use his mistakes as lessons and serve as an example to others.

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