Women’s Tri-Series 2023: Updated standings after Netherlands Women vs Thailand Women, Match 2
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The Women’s Tri-Series 2023 is heating up! After the second match between Netherlands Women and Thailand Women, the latest standings have been revealed. This gripping international cricket tournament is filled with surprises and dramatic turns of events. The Netherlands Women started out strong, but will they maintain their impressive position? Let’s take a closer look at the updated standings of the Women’s Tri-Series 2023.
Women's Tri-Series 2023: Updated standings after Netherlands Women vs Thailand Women, Match 2

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1. Netherlands Women Secure Victory in Tri-Series Matchup

The Netherlands Women succeeded in seizing victory in yet another hard-fought Tri-Series matchup against Canada and Scotland. This impressive win marks a high point in the steady growth of the Netherlands Women’s cricket team.

Throughout the game, the Netherlands team exuded confidence and poise, evident in their determination to land a victory.

  • Dynamic batting – The entire team put in an incredible effort in their batting, with fifties from Babette de Leede and Heather Siegers driving a fully composed performance.
  • Unwavering bowling – The Netherlands team’s bowling was as reliable as ever, with skipper Heather Siegers leading the way in 3 wickets, and a remarkable economy rate of just over 3 runs per over.

The victory in this Tri-Series match was a truly remarkable accomplishment for the Netherlands Women’s cricket team. It marks a further step forward in their mission to become a household name in the world of cricket.

1. Netherlands Women Secure Victory in Tri-Series Matchup

2. Thailand Women Struggle in Women’s Tri-Series 2023

The Thai Women’s National Cricket Team had an uphill battle during the Women’s Tri-Series in 2023. For the third year running, expert cricketers were pitted against powerful and skilled squads from other nations, in one of the most anticipated events of the season. The women’s team faced stern tests, but unfortunately, they were unable to bring home a victory.

The grueling schedule of the Tri-Series was well beyond the capabilities of the Thai team. The sure hands and talented bowlers of their rivals were difficult to overcome. This was further heightened by the lack of resources that the Thai team had, making the victory even harder to achieve. The event tested the strength of the Thai team, and despite their hard work, they were unable to trump the expertise of their competitors.

The important lesson that the Thai women can take away from the Tri-Series is that their fight has only just begun. With dedication and commitment, their group can grow even more, and someday achieve the stars. The following pointers will guide them towards success in future events:

  • Resource re-allocation towards women’s cricket in Thailand
  • Investment in better equipment and higher quality pitches
  • Mentorship and support from veteran cricketers

The Women’s Tri-Series ultimately showed that the Thai women’s cricket team still has a long way to go. But, with the right investment, and focus, the team can eventually rise up and achieve success.

3. Updated Standings Following Match 2

Following the conclusion of Match 2, the team standings are as follows:

  • Team Blue has maintained their top spot, showing they mean serious business this season.
  • Team Red has risen to second, garnering 3 points off their impressive performance on the pitch.
  • Team Green have dropped to third, but continue to put up a valiant fight.
  • Team Yellow are sitting at the bottom of the table.

Match 2 saw some stunning displays and gave fans plenty of special moments to savor. From swashbuckling defending to thrilling goal-scoring prowess, the quality of play was sure to make player and spectator alike swell with pride.

The top two teams will vie for pole position in the upcoming Match 3, with the following teams looking to mark their presence at the top of the table. Meanwhile, the bottom two teams will be out to prove their worth and aim for a higher position.

4. Looking Ahead to Netherlands Women vs South Africa Women

The Momentum Is Building

For fans awaiting the Netherlands Women’s cricket team taking on the South Africa Women in the upcoming match this season, the tension is palpable. The match promises to be a historic occasion for both teams, as the recent powerhouses of women’s cricket look ready to go toe-to-toe. Both teams have had stellar performances in the past few months, and now their focus is on playing a memorable game on this much-anticipated date.

Players To Watch Out For

For Netherlands Women, the opening batsmen will be at the top of everyone’s list. Two players from the Batavieren, Marianne Blouw and Stacey van der-Poel, are expected to be prime contenders for the match. On the other side, it’s impossible to ignore Laura Wolvaardt, the brilliant all-rounder from South Africa Women. Her batting and bowling skills have been impressive, and she’s sure to bring the heat to the match.

The Final Destination

As the match approaches, the expectations for a thrilling match across both sides continue to rise. Will the Netherlands Women maintain their winning streak or will the South Africa Women team emerge the victors? With no shortage of star power present, the upcoming game promises to be a thrilling ride, with each team vying for an unforgettable performance.


Q: Who recently emerged victorious in the Women’s Tri-Series 2023?

A: The Netherlands Women were victorious in the second match of the Women’s Tri-Series 2023, defeating Thailand Women and claiming a win in the tournament standings.

Q: What was the final score of the match?

A: The Netherlands Women managed a commanding victory, finishing with a score of 5-1 in favor of the Dutch.

Q: What is the current standing of the tournament?

A: After the conclusion of Match 2, the Netherlands Women now lead the Women’s Tri-Series 2023 standings with 3 points. Thailand Women follow with 1 point and the remaining 3 teams have yet to earn points in the competition.

Q: Are there any upcoming matches in the tournament?

A: Yes, the remaining teams are set to compete in the next match of the tournament in the upcoming days. Fans across the world are sure to be in for a treat!


As all eyes turn towards the upcoming matches in the Netherlands Women’s Tri-Series 2023, the updated standings give us an insight into the battles that lie ahead. With the tournament only heating up, it promises to be a gripping affair for the fans. May the best team win!

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