“Wouldn’t be shocked,” “Future world champion” – Fans believe Edge’s return is to kickstart summer feud with 33-year-old WWE star
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At 34-years-old, Edge has become a household name. He’s retired from professional wrestling, but some fans disagree – they think he’s back in the ring to kickstart a summer feud with the 33-year-old WWE champion! This theory is gaining traction, and loyal fans are saying that “they wouldn’t be shocked” if Edge is really back for a match. Is the theory true? Could Edge’s return be to really start a feud with the reigning WWE Champ? Read on to find out!

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1. Edge’s Return: Summer Feud On The Horizon

Edge’s return to the WWE has been making headlines for weeks now, and with the upcoming summer feud, it looks like things are about to get a whole lot more intense. With two of the most iconic superstars set to go head-to-head, we can expect some of the most thrilling contests the WWE has seen in recent times.

What makes Edge and his opponent so thrilling is their similarities. Both men share a long and illustrious history of competing in WWE, and are considered two of the biggest risks takers in the game. Edge and his opponent have notoriously pushed past their limits and given us some of the most daring and exciting matches imaginable.

What will unfold when these two titans collide? Will Edge’s reemergence onto the wrestling scene provide him with the win? Or will his opponent surprise us all by crushing his return? It’s anyone’s guess but one thing’s for sure: we can expect a show like no other! Edge vs his summer foe is sure to be a feud that can’t be missed.

  • Two legendary superstars set to compete
  • Edge and his opponent have a history of thrilling matches
  • Edge vs his summer foe is not to be missed

1. Edge's Return: Summer Feud On The Horizon

2. “Wouldn’t Be Shocked” – Fans Believe WWE Star Could Claim World Champion Title

Speculation is high regarding the potential fate of a certain WWE star. Reports have been circulating, and fans are now asking if he might finally capture the world champion title. Could it really happen?

An ambitious character, this star has certainly climbed the ranks in the past two years. His accomplishments include:

  • Winning weekly matches
  • Attending major events with fellow team members
  • Defeating opponents in record-breaking time

The support that this star has been receiving from his fans would make a championship victory only that much sweeter. Many betting agencies have shifted the odds dramatically in his favour, suggesting that the moment is now more likely than ever. As always, only time will tell.

3. A Glimpse Into The Future: What WWE’s Summer Feud Means For Edge

In the world of wrestling, speculation is almost always wilder than reality. However, in the case of Edge and his recently announced summer feud with Randy Orton, there is plenty of cause to be excited about what could be on the horizon.

First of all, the much-awaited return of Edge is sure to be nothing short of mesmerizing. Edge is a master of showmanship and his in-ring style is as electric as it is theatrical. He has often been referred to as the “Ultimate Opportunist” for his uncanny ability to make the most of any situation he finds himself in. Adding him to the ever-growing list of superstars taking part in the biggest wrestling promotion in the world is great news, and his feud with Orton is sure to be one to watch.

Edge and Orton have faced off in the past, and their matches have always pushed the boundaries. Both are among the most seasoned wrestlers in the business, and each brings a unique set of skills to the table. From their signature maneuvers to their showmanship and charisma, this feud is sure to be a spectacle. The knowledge, skill, and experience of the two will undoubtedly make for a truly extraordinary match. What’s more, the crescendo this feud could reach is almost guaranteed to leave fans on edge.

Whatever comes of this matchup, it is sure to provide explosive action and spectacle. Fans should be grateful that the WWE is hosting such a feud between two of the biggest stars the wrestling world has ever seen. So, mark your calendar and prepare for a summer of excitement, as Edge and Orton bring a clash of dynamic personalities to the ring.

4. 33-Year-Old Star Could Create a New Era of Wrestling with Edge’s Historic Return

A 33-year-old fan-favorite wrestler, Edge, has made a historic return to the viewership of professional wrestling this week. He was absent for 9 years owing to a neck injury but is back with a bang. Crowds worldwide have received him with open arms and Edge seems to be celebrating his return as well.

The straight-edge superstar is here to bring in a new era of wrestling. Fans have been expecting his stellar pumphandle slam and spears for long and they could soon make a comeback at the international stages. Moreover, Edge is ready to make an impact in the storylines with excellent promo packages. He has already made an interesting statement by saying “I want what’s mine”, alluding to an upcoming quest for a championship.

The stakes for the wrestling industry have never been high like they are right now. Edge’s return to the scene sets the scene for a fully-packed era of wrestling ahead. Fans can look forward to interesting feuds, gripping storylines and of course the match of the century! Let’s see what the Ultimate Opportunist has in store for us in the coming days.


Q: What is this article about?
A: This article discusses Edge’s surprise return to the WWE and the fans’ belief that it could be used as a way to kickstart a summer feud between he and a 33-year-old WWE star.

Q: Who is Edge?
A: Edge is a professional wrestler and retired WWE Superstar. He is a multiple-time World Champion and has had several iconic feuds in his career.

Q: What is the 33-year-old WWE star’s name?
A: The 33-year-old WWE star is Roman Reigns, who is currently the reigning WWE Universal Champion.

Q: What have fans said about Edge’s return?
A: There has been speculation that Edge’s return could be used to spark a summer feud between him and Roman Reigns, with fans saying “we wouldn’t be shocked” if it happened. Others have also said that Edge would be a future world champion if he enters the fray.


So it looks like Edge is gunning for a shot at the title and bringing an electric level of excitement to the WWE Universe, with fans eagerly waiting to see what the “Rated R Superstar” has in store for this summer’s feud. Even though only time will tell what kind of an impact Edge will have on this season’s WWE storylines, one thing is for sure – with Edge on the scene, no one should be shocked if he’s wearing the championship belt in the near future!

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