WWE star Damian Priest comments on becoming Mr. Money in the Bank
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The road to success is paved with hard work and dedication. Just ask Damian Priest, the latest WWE star to come out on top with a most deserved honor – the prestigious title of Mr. Money in the Bank. Much like a dream come true, Priest’s comments on this auspicious achievement reflect both a sense of accomplishment and admiration for the other competitors he faced along the way. Let’s take an in-depth look at the emotions behind the man that now stands on the pinnacle of WWE superstardom.
WWE star Damian Priest comments on becoming Mr. Money in the Bank

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1. Damian Priest: Money in the Bank

It’s no stretch to say that Damian Priest is one of the most exciting members of the Money in the Bank roster. On the rise since his first debut in NXT in 2019, Damian Priest is a force to be reckoned with. From his sleek look to his rugged battled itself, Damian Priest is the complete package.

Impact in the Ring
Damian Priest’s wrestling style is a combination of agility, power, and dominance. He has been able to take out some of WWE’s best superstars like Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura, showing his versatility. His in-ring persona is a sight to behold, as he goes the extra mile in putting on a show for the fans.

Outside of the Ring
Though Damian Priest’s in-ring efforts are the main attraction of Money in the Bank, he’s also done a lot for his fanbase outside of the ring. With his clever tweets, comedic videos, and genuine interactions with fans, Damian Priest has become an icon of the WWE Universe. Damian Priest also frequently takes the time to raise awareness for charities and promote good in the world.

  • Impactful wrestling style
  • Charismatic presence in the ring
  • Active outside the ring, frequently interacts with fans and raises awareness for charities

1. Damian Priest: Money in the Bank

2. Mr. Money in the Bank Sets Sights on WWE Gold

With the 2020 Money in the Bank contract in hand, former NXT Superstar and business mastermind Mr. Money in the Bank is looking to collect the hefty rewards that come with it. Armed with the opportunity to cash in the contract whenever and wherever he pleases, the only thing standing in the way of Mr. Money in the Bank and WWE gold is any superstars who dare oppose him.

Having solidified his place as one of WWE’s premier forces to be reckoned with, Mr. Money in the Bank is not only ready to conquer the competition that lies ahead of him, he’s determined to do so in the most electrifying of ways:

  • He’s bold & daring – Mr. Money in the Bank is relentless in his pursuit of success. Never backing down from a match, he loves to challenge himself and prove he’s up to the task.
  • Dominant competitor – His quickness and power both in the ring and out make him a serious threat to the WWE gold. A skilled technician and strategist, Mr. Money in the Bank is calm and collected at all times.
  • Charismatic individual – With his undeniable charm comes a level of confidence that draws people in, and while his fans rally behind him, his opponents should beware.

It won’t be easy, but if Mr. Money in the Bank succeeds in cashing in his contract for a championship title, he will have made history, placing his name alongside the pantheon of WWE superstars.

3. Damian Priest: The Man Secured a Bright Future

Damian Priest is clearly on a mission to create a bright future for himself and he has been successful so far. Originally hailing from Puerto Rico, Priest has gone from an independent circuit mainstay to a member of the main WWE roster. His in-ring skills have been on full display since his arrival in 2020, showing off an impressive range of lucha libre based moves. With charisma and presence to match, Damian is ready for a push that could bring him to the heady heights of superstardom.

Not content to just wrestle, Priest has already headlined WrestleMania. Taking on Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship, Damian had the entire WWE universe in the palm of his hand. Despite a valiant effort, Priest was unable to become champion that night but his performance had already done enough to cement his ranking amongst the superstars of the WWE. Never one to rest on his laurels, Damian appears to be setting himself up for more success in the future.

Priest is also an avid gamer and is currently the captain of his own gaming team, the Demon Horsemen, as well as the leader of the Ride or Die Community. Both of these initiatives have earned him a legion of fans who are following him every step of the way. Being both an in-ring athlete and an esports captain, it looks like Priest is well on the way to securing a bright future for himself.

  • Priest has been a mainstay on the independent circuit
  • He had the entire WWE universe in the palm of his hand at WrestleMania
  • Captain of the Demon Horsemen gaming team and Ride or Die Community

4. What Lies Ahead for Mr. Money in the Bank?

The future indeed looks bright for the self-professed Mr. Money in the Bank. After making a name for himself through savvy investments, he can now take pleasure in the rewards that come from his hard work. With that in mind, here are some potential paths that he can pursue in order to continue growing his wealth:

  • Invest in commodities: Commodities can be a great alternative for investors who wish to diversify their portfolios and lessen risk. Though it may require a greater upfront financial commitment, it can provide the adequate return that rewards it in the long run.
  • Start a business: With the right amount of experience and knowledge, starting a profitable business can even further increase Mr. Money in the Bank’s portfolio. It does come with a certain degree of risk but it can be a great way of growing wealth for the ambitious investor.
  • Utilize tax deductions: Having an eye for the latest tax deductions can allow Mr. Money to funnel more money towards his investments and generate greater returns. Understanding tax laws and keeping up with the frequent tax changes that can benefit him are the keys to making a smart investment.
    • In addition, Mr. Money in the Bank can take what he has learned and apply it to other financial markets such as real estate or venture capital. By widening his perspectives and looking for new opportunities, he could possibly become an even more successful investor and amass even more wealth.

      Finally, Mr. Money in the Bank could also begin teaching others the valuable skills he has acquired. By teaching others the basics of investing, he could spread his knowledge and expose new perspectives. Bettering the financial futures of people everywhere could be an even greater reward than any financial sum.


      Q: What inspired Damian Priest to become Mr. Money in the Bank?
      A: According to the star, he’s been dreaming of being crowned Mr. Money in the Bank for more than a decade. He wanted to be part of something bigger and make his mark in wrestling history, and this opportunity presented itself in an unexpected and thrilling way.

      Q: How will Mr. Money in the Bank change the WWE Universe?
      A: Damian Priest believes it will add an extra level of excitement and unpredictability. As Mr. Money in the Bank, he will have a guaranteed opportunity to challenge for the WWE Championship at any point in the year, thus adding an extra layer of tension and anticipation to matches.

      Q: What does the star have to say about his new role?
      A: Damian Priest says he’s beyond excited and humbled to be the first Latin American superstar to ascend to the ranks of Mr. Money in the Bank. He believes that this is an important step forward for the Latinx community and the entire wrestling industry.


      As Damian Priest continues his rise in the world of WWE, his ambition and dedication to succeeding are clear. After becoming Mr. Money in the Bank, it’s only a matter of time before we see Priest unlocking his full potential and becoming the wrestler to watch.

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